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On the occasion of the final testing the Panzerfähre has been painted Dunkelgelb. The Unicorn insignia has been painted under the klaxon on the forward casemate.

The first prototype completed on 15th May 1942 by Magrius.

Top: Panzerfähre towing specially made floating trailer.
Bottom: Experimental trials of two Panzerfähre moving a Pz.IVH on a pontoon across a small river.

Armoured Amphibious Tractor/Ferry.

Based on parts of the Pz Kpfw IV ausf F. (drive train, motor and tracks) was used to carry a lightly armoured floating chassis. Magirus built the Panzerfähre IV as only prototypes, a total build of two.

Two of these vehicles, known as Panzerfähre or PzF, were supposed to carry a large pontoon between them with the tank or other load on it over rivers. Thus the PzF would have been a ferry rather than a tractor, but the whole project was abandoned during 1942 after the two prototypes had been built and tested. When the combat weight of the tanks in use soon increased above the capacity of the Panzerfähre its development was stopped.

Interesting on this design is the capstan winch in the middle of the deck and the fold down air intakes. The driver sits in the front down and below and just before the air intakes.

Crew: 3

Weight: 17 ton

Length: 8.25m

Width: 2.80m

Height: 2.50m

Engine: Maybach HL120 TRM (300k)

Maximum Speed land: 45km/h

Range: Water: 200km Land: 350km

Armour: 14,5mm
NEC JACTANTIA NEC METU ("zonder woorden, zonder vrees")

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